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Bison Hill Stonecrafts was born from slate, we have the most expansive selection of colors, products, designs, and personalization you'll find anywhere.  You're sure to get a little extra love with your product as everything is handmade in our Waterford, Pennsylvania workshop. It gives us great pride to take used roofing and flooring slate, and recycle them into beautiful art pieces, household products, and functional decorations. 

Black slate steeple with red inlay pattern

The slate we use is completely natural and has no additional chemicals, additives, or finishes. It is very environmentally friendly as a roofing and flooring material due to the low embodied energy in producing it.  Slate is truly one of earth's super stones, it can resist nature's fury for over 100 years on a roof and then be reclaimed for another lifetime of use.  To gather our materials, we work with local slate roofers and quarries to collect their unusable slates and repurpose them into brand new household products. 

Slate yard full of stacks of reclaimed roofing slate

Many people don’t realize there is a diverse spectrum of colors that slate comes in. All of the colors are the natural shade of the rock as it is quarried.  The photo below shows a quarry in Vermont where the colors all run together and intermix with different veins.  You can dig in one area and get pure royal purple and then 40 feet away will be pure Vermont green, while the distance in between is a beautiful marbling of green and purple.  They look amazing on a roof, but you can really appreciate the uniqueness of each slate when you hold it up close.

Vermont slate quarry with sea green and royal purple slate

Slate is dynamic material that develops new patterns and textures as it ages.  Some slates are unfading and will hold their color through eternity, while others mature like a fine wine.  The sun, rain, snow, and climate all contribute a different character to the weathering of the slate through gorgeous patterns and color gradients.  Over the decades, beautiful pinks, oranges, reds, browns, and blacks blanket the surface of the slate making each one a unique canvas for your product.

Bison Hill Stonecrafts Slate Colors

Take a look at our product pages for more information on a specific product.  If you don't see what you want, remember that custom orders are our specialty. We have such a broad range of products with unlimited design options that we can create the absolute perfect product for you.  Don’t restrict your imagination to one silhouette, my favorite designs are the ones which tell a story.  We can’t think up the perfect design for you though… So check out the Custom Requests page and together we’ll make your perfect gift.

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