Slate Wind Chimes

A perfect addition for the hunting camp porch, beach house, or mountain retreat, these personalized slate wind chimes will provide soothing melodies for years to come. They are completely customizable and are the most unique chime you will ever see. We can make you the perfect wind chime no matter if your passion is hunting, relaxing, sailing, sea animals, or literally anything in the world. If you would like a specialty themed wind chime, please contact us.
Bison Hill Stonecrafts creates housewares and home décor from natural slate and marble tile. We use reclaimed roofing slate that has endured decades of brutal Pennsylvania winters. The material, design, and color options we offer are not available anywhere else. Take some time to look around our shop at the other products available. If you do not see what you are looking for, please contact us and I guarantee we can create something perfect for you.
Custom orders are our specialty. We have such a broad range of products with unlimited design options that we can create the absolute perfect product for you.  Don’t restrict your imagination to one silhouette, my favorite designs are the ones which tell a story.  We can’t think up the perfect design for you though… So check out the Custom Request page and together we’ll make your perfect gift.