About Bison Hill Stonecrafts

Established in the spring of 2015, Bison Hill Stonecrafts evolved from a desire to create a decorative scene in a slate roof.  While investigating various methods to cut the slate, Andrew stumbled upon a method that was able to cut extremely intricate details.  While the original goal still exists, the spin off venture has taken a life of its own with several product lines of long lasting and beautiful designs.  Bison Hill Stonecrafts draws its name from the hill behind the Church residence in Waterford, PA.  There aren't currently any animals on the property, but soon enough a herd of American Bison will be roaming the slopes of Bison Hill.

Around 100 years ago a family put a slate roof on their house, it protected them for decades and the family moved away long before the slate degraded, finally the slate was reclaimed by a modern slate roofer to be used again.  That is the legacy behind every one of Bison Hill Stonecrafts products.  We hope you enjoy your time on our site and please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.

-Andrew Church, Owner

About Andrew Church

Andrew graduated from Penn State with a Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering in December 2013 and is currently employed at GE Transportation.  While at Penn State, Andrew was a member of the 4x NCAA Champion wrestling team. He has a passion for wrestling, traveling, hiking, the National Parks, fruit, and pretty much anything outdoors.

Andrew with Bison Skull