Marble Serving Platters

These 3/4" marble counter slabs go by many names because they are so versatile.   They can be used in every step of dinner from food preparation, to serving, to making desert.  It doesn't matter if you call them Serving Platters, Cutting Boards, Ice Cream Slabs, or whatever else you feel like naming yours, they are guaranteed to be a show stopping conversation piece every time you use it. 
Pennsylvania Green Marble Serving Tray
Pennsylvania Green Marble Cutting Board
USA Marble Ice Cream Slab
The only place our marble products are available right now is on our Kickstarter campaign "The Marble Plates of America" starting May 3rd and running through May 25th.  After the Kickstarter you will be able to pre-order marble products for delivery in July 2016.  Please check out our campaign and help us get this exciting new line of products off the ground.

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