Marble is the one material that has epitomized art and high culture for thousands of years. Greek and Roman artists prized the stone for its veining, strength, and ability to take a polish.  They took huge slabs of Cararra marble in Italy and created masterpieces of art that are still celebrated today.  Marble is still renowned as a premium building material for the same raw beauty the ancients found so appealing.  Now you can have all that beauty in a functional household product designed to last a lifetime.

Cararra Marble Quarry 

After extensive experience cutting slate, we've been able to unlock the beauty of marble and bring it into your home.  We work directly with the marble supplier to get the highest quality marble tile and countertop.  Once the marble is delivered to us, we select only the sections with the highest contrast of color variations and most striking veining for use in our products.  Each piece is then painstakingly hand cut to ensure all the intricate details of your product are present.

Marble Carving of Laocoon and his Sons fighting a serpent

Marble Products

USA Marble Detail picture

Our marble products have a breathtaking appeal no matter which one you get.  The first reaction of everyone that holds these products is simply an open mouth and "Wow, that's beautiful."  Imagine serving your guests with these stunning conversation pieces.

Check out the pages below for more information on a specific product or head over to Kickstarter to get your very own today.

Marble Coasters

New york Ohio Pennsylvania Marble Coasters

Marble Plates

Pennsylvania Cararra White Marble with Sushi

Marble Serving Platters and Cutting Boards

Green Marble Serving Platter with Fruits